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Mediation. Advocacy. Success.

Family law
Criminal Law | Traffic Law
Estate Planning | Deceased Estates

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Our Approach

Contact us for your first 15 minute or discounted one hour consultation to understand your needs.

Meet with us to create a strategy moving forward, consider the "big picture" and help plan the future conduct of your matter.

Getting started on negotiations by writing to the other parties and/ or commencing Court proceedings where appropriate.

Achieve a practical outcome and have it documented with care to enable you to move forward with certainty.

Criminal Law

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Traffic Law

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Family Law

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Estate Planning and
deceased estates

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After years of having lawyers that didn't care I found Kaela. She really cared about helping me. She helped me to understand what was happening. She took the time to know my case and what I had been through.


What seemed like a never-ending fight was quickly turned in to me having proper time with my children. If I had had Kaela on my side years ago it would have saved me so much heartache. My family and I are forever grateful for Kaela's help.

You won't find a better lawyer.

Claire T

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