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Do you need Help Preparing Consent Orders?

Consent Orders are a common way for parties to formalise an agreement in property settlement, children's matters and spousal maintenance matters. Consent Orders must be clear, concise and properly set out the agreement to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary Contravention Applications. 

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia seal the completed Consent Order upon Application to the Court provided that the Agreement is Just and Equitable and otherwise is enforceable. 

Kaela Dore, Principal Solicitor at KD & Co Lawyers is extremely experienced in preparing Application for Consent Orders and in addition has also spent time as a Registrar in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia reviewing and sealing these Orders. This knowledge helps you rest assured that your Consent Orders will be prepared to a high standard. 

Get Started within a week

If you and your ex-spouse have come to an agreement and want your Consent Orders prepared, we can get started in as little as a week!


Unsure what your ex-spouse has by way of Superannuation? Not to worry! From 1 April 2022, changes have been made to make it easier to find out. Check out our blog for more information. 

In the Best Interests of the Children

Applications for Consent Orders relating to time between children and parents must be in the Best Interests of the Children. We will provide you comprehensive advice about whether the agreement you and your ex-spouse have reached will be considered to be in the best interests of the child. 

Full & Frank Disclosure

The Court require each party to provide full and frank disclosure of all of their financial circumstances to ensure the Orders are Just and Equitable. Have to hand a copy of your financial documents to make sure you are compliant. Don't worry - If you are not sure what you need we will provide you a comprehensive list of documents you require. 

Just & Equitable Divison

The Court will only seal property Orders which are Just and Equitable. We will provide to you comprehensive advice about whether your agreement is likely to be considered Just and Equitable prior to the filing of your documents. 

KD & Co Lawyers can assist you regardless of your location

As the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) is Federal Legislation and the Family Court of Australia is Australia wide (except for WA), KD & Co Lawyers can assist you to prepare your Application for Consent Orders regardless of your location. Appointments can be made over the phone and via Microsoft Teams to assist in the completion of your documents in a timely manner.

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