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Legal Aid

If you have a Family Law or Criminal Law matter that you require assistance with under a grant of Legal Aid, KD & Co Lawyers can assist you. 

A grant of legal aid means that the Legal Services Commission of South Australia ("The LSC") pays a solicitor to act for you. However, you must still make a contribution towards your legal costs and comply with certain conditions. Generally, the LSC will not fund matters where there is another avenue for assistance or there are poor prospects of success.

To find out more about the costs and contributions associated with Legal Aid visit the LSC's website by clicking the "LSC Costs" button below.

For more information about Applying for Legal Aid head to the LSC's website by clicking the "LSC Apply for Aid" button below. 

Alternatively, if you think you are ready to make your Legal Aid Application and want KD & Co Lawyers to represent you, please make an appointment with us so we can help guide you through the process as well as discuss your matter with you first. 

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