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Migration & Citizenship

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KD & Co Lawyers specialise in providing a wide range of services related to migration law. With our expertise and experience, we ensure that your immigration journey is smooth and successful. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with various visa applications. 

Refugee & Humanitarian Visas

Our firm offers a range of services for protection visa applicants, both onshore and offshore.

We specialise in the preparation and lodgment of protection visa applications for onshore applicants. Additionally, we provide expert assistance with Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) and Temporary Protection Visas (TPV).

For offshore applicants, we handle the preparation and lodgment of various Humanitarian Visas, including Global Special Humanitarian, Women-at-risk, and Refugee visas (UNHCR referred). Our dedicated team accompanies and represents clients during protection visa interviews, ensuring their interests are protected. We also assist in responding to Department requests, such as section 91W requests, addressing concerns related to bogus documentation, and third country protection matters



Partner Visas

We offer comprehensive assistance with partner visa applications, both onshore and offshore. Our services include the meticulous preparation and lodgement of applications for the following subclasses:

  • Subclass 300 (Fiancé Visa)

  • Subclasses 309/820 (Temporary Visas)

  • Subclasses 100/801 (Permanent Visas)

We also provide guidance and support for the dependent child visa (subclass 445).


Complex Partner Visas

Our firm specialises in handling complex partner visa issues. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with the following situations:

  • Representing you when your relationship ends

  • Addressing family violence concerns

  • Navigating child-of-the-relationship matters

  • Dealing with the death of a sponsor


Departmental Correspondence Assistance

We offer professional representation in responding to the Department on various critical matters, such as:

  • Inability to meet Schedule 3 criteria (compelling reasons)

  • Inability to meet the 12-month de facto rule

  • PIC 4020 (bogus documents/misleading information)

  • Inability to meet the Health Test


Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Representation

If your visa application is refused by the Department, we provide expert representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal-Migration Division. Our team will work tirelessly to present your case and fight for a positive outcome.


Judicial Review

In the event of a negative decision at the AAT we can assist you in pursing a judicial review (where appropriate) on your behalf. We are experienced in handling matters related to the Federal Circuit and Federal Court of Australia. If you are self-represented, we can take over the carriage of your matter and guide you through the entire process.


Other Visa Applications

  1. Resident Return Visas: Help obtaining suitable resident return visas for clients planning to leave Australia and needing proof of permanent residency.

  2. Family Visas: Support for onshore and offshore family visas, including child visas, carer visas, and various parent visa options.

  3. Student Visas: Assistance with student visa applications, responding to Department notices, and representing clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if needed.

  4. Visitor Visas: Aid in applying for or sponsoring visitor visas for tourism or other purposes.

  5. Medical Treatment Visa: Guidance for individuals requiring medical attention in Australia, ensuring they meet criteria and can cover expenses.

  6. Graduate Visas: Assistance with Temporary Graduate Visas in different streams.

  7. Work and Holiday Visa: Support for applying and maintaining eligibility for 417 or 462 visas.

  8. Skilled Visas/Employer Sponsored: Help with skilled and employer-sponsored visa options, including occupation identification, skills assessments, Skill Select, and sponsorship discussions.

  9. Visa Cancellations: Comprehensive support for visa cancellation matters, including responding to notices and challenging decisions.

  10. Ministerial Intervention Requests: Assistance in preparing requests for discretionary ministerial intervention in exceptional cases.

  11. Citizenship Applications: Help with citizenship matters, including application preparation, responding to requests for further information, and representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

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