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Traffic Law

If you are looking to dispute a traffic infringement or you have been summonsed to appear in Court, the best advice is to obtain legal advice before the infringement is due or before your Court appearance. KD & Co Lawyers understand the serious consequences of traffic matters which is why we work with you to get the best possible outcome.

KD & Co Lawyers can assist in a range of traffic offences including but not limited to: 

  • Speeding;

  • Careless or Dangerous Driving;

  • Drink & Drug Driving;

  • Failure to Stop After an Accident;

  • Using a Mobile Phone;

  • Causing Injury

Contact us to discuss your options even if you intend on pleading guilty.

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Demerit Points 

Losing a licence can have a devastating impact on your life including the possibilities of losing your job and general conveniences of travelling around as well as placing strains on relationships. 

Often people are unaware that pleading guilty or being found guilty of traffic offences can carry with it large demerit point penalties, often causing people to lose their licences longer than first anticipated. 

If you accumulate 12 to 15 points you lose your licence  for three months, Accumulate 16 to 20 points and you lose your licence for four months, and more than 20 points and you lose your licence for five months.

It is important that you obtain legal advice about your traffic offence before taking action so you can consider any appeal or good behavior options. Paying a fine is an admission to the offending which may cause you to lose your licence unexpectedly. Call us on (08) 7084 3060 for an obligation free discussion about your licence and traffic offence before you make your next move.

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